While social media advertising is the most popular form of marketing today, there is no doubt about the fact that physical signs make a world of difference to businesses that rely heavily on affordable and effective marketing. Unlike social media marketing, whose influence tends to fade with time, physical signage is a worthwhile investment that continues to give you satisfactory returns years after its installation. There are several important ways in which displaying exterior signs at a convenience store can make a significant difference.

Affordable Advertising

Social media marketing campaigns require teams of professionals who have to dissect audience analytics to tweak different aspects of a brand’s online presence and marketing. It requires a significant budget to keep a social media campaign going. On the contrary, exterior signs for a business are one-time investments that require a very small budget to produce signs that are likely to last ages if taken care of. Their cost-effectiveness is what makes physical exterior signs an attractive option for businesses throughout the world.

Expanding Your Customer Base

Physical signage placed outside your store can significantly improve customer reach and attract new customers to your business every day. Unlike social media marketing which requires targeted advertising to specific audience segments, a physical sign for your store exterior draws customers indiscriminately from all spheres of life. Anyone who walks or drives by your store will notice your sign and be prompted to pay a visit. Businesses that are located in densely populated areas highly benefit from such signs.

Promoting Brand Recognition

Physical signage placed outside your store is likely to promote brand recognition for your business by providing a constant reminder of your business to anyone who passes by your store. While it is easy to dismiss the potential benefits of this marketing approach, there is no doubt about the efficacy of this passive marketing technique. It reinforces the name and details of your business in the minds of people who walk in front of your store every day.

Promotion of Deals & Discounts

Well-made exterior signs for your store can also be used to promote different ongoing and future deals and discounts. Most successful businesses around the globe use this marketing strategy to attract the attention of hundreds of potential customers each day. Customers are more likely to come to your store if they notice a well-placed sign outside your store displaying some of the best deals available at your store. It also significantly increases the return rate of customers at your store.

Increasing Your Online Presence

Not only do exterior signs increase your offline presence, but they also have the potential to increase your online presence if used effectively. You can place the details of your business like the official website and the email address using popular marketing tools like QR codes that redirect customers to your store’s social media pages. This way, your exterior signs serve to decrease the gap that exists today between online and physical marketing.