The recent surge of companies like Facebook and Twitter using Devops Services to operate their websites implies that these are in the vanguard of a new age in IT and software development. What does this mean for companies like yours? Companies like Facebook and Twitter rely on creating “sticky” applications that keep users coming back, and it costs less to deliver the same application via mobile apps versus requiring the company to create an app for each individual device.

Devops is becoming increasingly important in this respect as well, because devops developers help companies avoid the high cost of building customized software for each device and operating system. Because many of these apps are available for a fraction of the cost of a custom app, companies like Facebook can build an app with a small up front investment and still enjoy the benefits of having a large user base.

It’s critical for companies like Facebook and Twitter to continue to use these types of tools if they want to continue delivering the best practices that have built them a large and loyal audience. The best practices Facebook and Twitter follow include keeping their services highly configurable and customizable through easy to use interfaces, regularly updating the application to make it more responsive, and making it easy for customers to find and tag their friends.

All three of these aspects increase engagement and user loyalty. By employing techniques like these and other devops tools, Facebook and Twitter can continue to provide their users with the best experiences on the web at a fraction of the cost.

What does this all mean for companies who rely on custom software development and other IT practices? In short, it means that while you might need to spend some money to implement the best practices recommended by Facebook and Twitter, your business can still enjoy the benefits of these companies using a strategy to achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

Implementing these techniques can be cost effective, but it doesn’t have to involve a huge expense. By hiring a reliable devops company or focusing your attention on proven strategies like those employed by Facebook and Twitter, you can ensure your company continues to operate at peak levels without straining your finances.